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On My Bookshelf


One of my favorite reads at the moment is the one that led me to the Global Talent Search. “I Just Like to Make Things” is written by Lilla Rogers who heads an agency representing leading artists in the surface design, illustration and other designed goods field. Her book, as well as the website, provide a wealth of knowledge with insights of the field and art markets.

Inspired Community

Invested $40 this summer and enrolled in the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. They email you a creative brief. You have two weeks to complete and submit for consideration. I only had 999 other eager candidates vying for the 50 spots for the second round. I didn’t make the cut, but it did set me up with a network of wanna-bes that inspire me each day. Check out the 50 semi-finalists.


More Baby on the Brain

So I just couldn’t make up my mind and started looking under crochet. Found many adorable free patterns. Unfortunately, my skills didn’t match the cuteness. Twice I pulled the plug while watching college football. May go back to the sewing choices…

Baby Beanie

Baby Beanie










Love the big flower!

Big Flower

Baby on the Brain

No, not mine! Have a co-worker who is expecting and just got the shower evite. Of course I had to scour the internet and Pinterest to find some ideas. Came across a lot of cuteness and haven’t decided yet. Part of the fun (most of it) is in the planning. Here are some possibilities I came across.

Baby Sleep Sack


Ruffle Blanket

Ruffle Blanket